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Lip piercing

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Our team also includes fully qualified piercing technicians, so we can offer a full range of body and facial piercings too. Our piercing studio is fully equipped to offer piercings in the most hygienic ways, and with full privacy as needed. At Titan Tattoo Company we'll consult fully with you to make sure about what you want for your body!

Titan Tattoo Company - for your body piercing too!

Aftercare isn't an after-thought

It's not only our in-studio hygiene which is important to us, it's ensuring that you have the right information for the after-care of your tattoos and piercings too!

We'll provide you with all the information you need to ensure optimum healing, but if you have any worries or questions after you leave us, we're only a phone call or email away!

Our piercings

Our service

 -  Body piercing, including dermal piercings

 -  Eyebrow piercing

 -  Ear piercing

 -  Nose piercing


We offer a superb range of body jewellery to fit with your piercing too!

 -  Full consultation first to ensure that you know all about the piercing you're interested in before proceeding.

 - Range of body jewellery to choose from, with advice on which types best suit the piercing you'd like to have.

 - Working gently with you if you are sensitive to needles or have "personal space" issues.